Commonly Confused Words Worksheet: Capital vs. Capitol

Words are confusing when they sound the same and mean different things! This free printable worksheet will help you understand why capital and capitol are not the same!

Commonly Confused Words Worksheet: Council vs. Counsel

COuncil and counsel sound alike but are very different! Find out the correct way to use them with this free worksheet! Just print it out and complete the sentences for practice!

Commonly Confused Words Worksheet: Farther vs. Further

What a difference a letter can make! While further and farther sound and look alike, they are very different. Help students understand the proper meaning with this worksheet.

Commonly Confused Words Worksheet: Role vs. Roll

A free printable worksheet with a specific role! Complete the sentences using roll and role and see if you know the proper way to use these words!

Commonly Confused Words Worksheet: Stationary vs. Stationery

I prefer to use stationary when I write instead of notebook paper. Or is it stationery? A worksheet to help learn shich word is used in different situations is free for you to print out and practice!

Commonly Confused Words: Advice vs. Advise

If you plan to advise someone, make sure you are giving good advice! Another set of those confusing words! Have students practice using them correctly with this free worksheet. Just print it out and let the learning begin!

Commonly Confused Words: Aisle vs. Isle

It’s always a good idea to practice when to use certain words, especially when they can have a similar sound but different meanings! Here is a worksheet to help students understand when to us aisle and isle correctly. It’s free for you to print out and share with your class!

Commonly Confused Words: Already vs. All Ready

Already and all ready are among the highest in commonly confused words. Print out this free worksheet for your students to learn the difference in their meanings. Fill in the blanks for some extra practice!

Commonly Confused Words: Cite vs. Sight vs. Site

The camping site was within my sight. How confusing is that! Cite, site, and sight all sound alike but the meanings are very different. Help your students learn when to use each word correctly by printing out this free worksheet.