Vocabulary Worksheets

Vocabulary is a fundamental learning concept but covers many different areas. We've developed hundreds of practice activities to help your student improve their vocabulary skills. You'll find worksheet activities around the alphabet, dictionary skills, Fry sight words, Dolch sight words, phonetics, homographs, homophones, prefixes, proverbs and adages, root words, shades of meaning, suffixes, synonyms and antonyms! All of our printable worksheets are designed around common core standards and cover a broad range of skill levels from kindergarten through high school.  Feel free to print copies for your classroom or at home.

Vocabulary Worksheets

Alphabet Worksheets

5 Worksheets
Cursive Z - Printable Alphabet Letters Practice Activity

Here you’ll find several different alphabet worksheets that your young learner can use to start learning their ABCs! The worksheets include flash cards, letter mazes, a fill-in the missing letter activity…

Dictionary Skills Worksheets

5 Worksheets
Using the Dictionary Worsheet Activity - Using Guide Words

These worksheets help students to learn how to effectively use a dictionary. All worksheets are free to use at home or in the classroom. Just print and duplicate!

Homophone Worksheets

5 Worksheets
Correct the Homophones - Free, Printable Homophone Worksheet

Homophones are two words that are spelled differently but have the same sound. One example of this are the words hare and hair. If you hear them out loud without seeing them written down, you…

Phonics Worksheets | Phonetics

120 Worksheets
Blended Consonants Worksheet - Creating New Words with ST

Phonics teaches a student to read by using the sounds of the letters in a word. These free phonics worksheets explore the different ways that letters may sound. To view the worksheet activity or to download the…

Prefix Worksheets

36 Worksheets
What is the Prefix Worksheet - Free, Printable Activity

Prefixes can tell the reader a lot about a word; they are an important guidepost for finding the meaning. These prefix worksheets are free for you to use in the classroom or at home. Click on the worksheet title…

Greek and Latin Root Words

28 Worksheets
Printable Root Word Worksheet - Adding S, ED, and ING

Here’s where you’ll find  a lot of helpful worksheets about Greek and Latin root words. Understanding root words helps students to determine the meaning of many seemingly complex words. This skill…

Suffix Worksheets

33 Worksheets
What's the Suffix Worksheet - Free, Printable Worksheet Activity

If a student is familiar with suffixes, or the added ending of a word, then it will be easier to decode unfamiliar words. You are welcome to use these free, printable suffix worksheets in the classroom or at…