Dictionary Skills Worksheets

No one is expected to know the meaning and pronunciation of every word; that’s why there are reference books like dictionaries. Students can gain a valuable skill for reading and writing by learning to read a dictionary. But using such a valuable source takes some practice. Our worksheets for helping your student become adept with a dictionary are listed below. Click on the title to review the worksheets and their descriptions. You may download a free, printable PDF for use in the classroom or at home. Don't forget to check out all of our vocabulary worksheets.

Dictionary Abbreviations: Do You Know?

In this activty, abbreviations commonly used in dictionaries are listed and students write what each abbreviation means.

Dictionary Game: Definitions

The activity teaches how to quickly find words in the dictionary. Students play together by trying to quickly match aword card with a definition.

Dictionary Game: Pronunciation

A fun game where students try to determine which word each pronunciation refers to.

Find the Definition

In this worksheet, students use a dictionary to find the definition of each word listed. Write the first definition given in the dictionary in the space provided.

Using the Dictionary: Guide Words

Students learn how to use guide words at the top and bottom of dictionary pages.