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Below you will find a variety of fun and educational blog articles ranging from Four Unique, Interactive Ways to Teach Story Elements to 15 Great Dr. Seuss Printables and Activities for Your Classroom. Each blog article is created in order to provide helpful, creative resources for both parents and teachers to use whether it be at home or in the classroom. Make sure to keep an eye on K12Reader’s blog as it is continually growing!

5 Tips to Improve Reading Comprehension Strategies

Teaching reading is an ongoing process, but there are some tried and true steps you can take to boost your students’ comprehension right now. Try these tips in your classroom to help your kids gets the most out of their reading.

What Does a Pronoun Do?

Of course, we know that verbs are actions and nouns are people and places, but other parts of grammar get a little harder to explain. Take pronouns, for example. Here’s everything you need to know about pronouns and what they do in a sentence so you can pass the information along to your students — or just feel like a grammar pro yourself.

Conclusion Transition Words

Getting tired of writing the same transition words in every essay? We understand completely. Sometimes it can be tough to know which concluding phrases and transition words work in your writing, though! Here you will find a helpful list of unique transition words and concluding phrases to get you through writer’s block while adding some variety to your essays.

How to Teach a Child to Read

There are many different methods for teaching letter sounds, and you may already have a favorite. If you’re looking for ideas — or if you just want to try something new to spice things up — try these tips for helping your students connect the sounds to the letter for your foundational literacy lessons.

Teaching Text Structure to Young Readers

For the young readers in your classroom, being able to identify and understand the purpose of common text structures is a skill often identified in your language arts curriculum. So how can you get started teaching text structure to your young readers? Use this helpful article from K12Reader as a guide for both you and your students!

What Is the Oxford Comma?

Are you looking for a way to learn more or clear up some confusion about the Oxford comma? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. This article is a great learning resource for finding out all you need to know about that sneaky little Oxford comma! It includes explanations and examples that are helpful to students, parents, and teachers whether it be at home or in the classroom.

CVC Word List Charts

When you’re teaching your students their very first words in early literacy lessons, you’re taking them on a big journey. Use these free, printable word list charts to help your students master CVC Words!

30 Inspirational Quotes for Kids

Sometimes getting through the school year can be tough. Help motivate your students with these inspiring quotes! We’ve included some of our favorite quotes from Walt Disney, Anne Frank, Theodore Roosevelt, Dr. Seuss, and more.

Inspirational Quotes for Kids

Of course teachers know the importance of building great literacy skills for a lifetime, but sometimes it’s hard to put…

3 Main Idea Activities

Being able to successfully identify the main idea in a paragraph or passage is an essential reading skill. It is…

5 Context Clues Games

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