Story Elements Worksheets

Every story has basic components: characters, setting, plot, theme, and conflict. These elements answer the basic questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? By understanding each of these components, students are better able to analyze and appreciate the author’s work. You’ll find our story elements worksheets listed below. Click on the title to view, download, or print the PDF. You may use them for free at home or in class. Be sure to check out all of our reading worksheets. If you're looking for more activities, check out's story elements reading passages.

Aesop: Put the Events in Order

Aesop was a Greek writer who wrote stories called fables. A fable is a story that gives a lesson at the end. Students read through a fable and put the events in order.

Plot Actions Helper

Starting at the top of the castle, students write the first action in the story. Below that they write the second action, then the third, and then the fourth.

Who Is a Character?

In this activity, students read the sentence and then circle the word that describes the character.

Build a Plot: Connect the Paragraphs

This worksheet includes the opening of a story and the end of a story. Students decide what the problem is, then what the steps, or plot actions, should be to link the beginning of the story with the end.

Build a Plot: Write the Steps

Students read the opening and ending of a story, and decide what the problem is, then what the steps, or plot actions, should be to link the beginning of the story with the end.

Put the Plot in Order

The teacher cuts out each plot action card and mixes them up. The student puts the cards in the correct order.

Story Elements Form

This is a more detailed story elements form template that includes boxes for character, setting, theme, problem, solution and plot/actions.

Story Elements Helper

Thisis a helpful template for elementary school students. It provides a box for different story elements like character, setting, plot and theme.

Story Elements: Problem and Solution

A story element activity that asks students to read short passages and write down the problem and the solution.

Story Elements: What’s the Setting?

In this story elements worksheet for elementary school grades, students read the passages and write the setting.

Using Story Elements: Plan a Story

Planning a story can be tough. This activity helps students break things down so that it’s easier to envision and write the story. A great beginning writing activity for 3rd – 5th graders.

Discovering the Elements of the Story

This activity asks students to read a short passage in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and asking several story element questions.