Commonly Confused Words Worksheets

Here you'll find worksheet activities that help students sort through the confusing issue of confusing words! Word pairs like accept/except, personal/personnel, to/two/too and others can sometimes be difficult for students to correctly apply in their writing. These worksheets are designed to help reinforce correct word usage. We'll be adding more worksheets here in the future.

Misused Verbs – Will, Would

Choose will or would to complete each sentence.

Misused Verbs – Wishful Was, Were

Complete the sentences below using the wishful form were.

Misused Verbs – Can, May

Choose can, was able to, may or might to complete each sentence.

Misused Verbs – Lie, Lay

Choose lie, lay or laid to complete each sentence.

Misused Verbs Raise and Rise

Choose rise, rose, raise or raised to complete each sentence.

The Important Apostrophe: It’s and Its

This worksheet features those commonly misused words, “its” and “it’s.”

The Important Apostrophe: You’re and Your

The apostrophe makes all the difference in this worksheet on “your” and “you’re.”

Commonly Confused Words Worksheet: Affect vs. Effect

Help your students determine whether to use affect or effect. A printable worksheet gives them sentences to complete using the correct word. And it’s free!

Commonly Confused Words Worksheet: Aid vs Aide

Common core standards can be a little simpler when you use this free printable worksheet to learn the difference between aid and aide.

Commonly Confused Words Worksheet: Altar vs Alter

Sometimes you have to alter your thinking and what better way than this free worksheet? Print it out and complete the sentences using the correct form of alter and altar.