Literature Worksheet Activities

Below you'll find worksheet lesson activities about various literature works. Some packets include multiple worksheets including reading comprehension activities, word searches, word scrambles and more. These printable worksheets are great for classroom use or at home, to support reading activities.Be sure to check out all of our reading worksheets.

Christmas Acrostic Poem Activity

See what your students come up with when you hand out this worksheet and have them write an acrostic poem about Christmas.

Classic Literature: The Rootabaga Stories

This classic literature set focuses on The Rootabaga Stories which was written by Carl Sandburg in 1922. The set includes several different worksheets that help students practice reading comprehension skills, vocabulary and more.

Write an Acrostic Poem

This acrostic poem worksheet will introduce your youngster to poetry!

A Child’s Garden of Verses: The Moon

Studying certain authors is a great way to understand the different kinds of writings. Robert Louis Stevenson was one of the most versatile writers. In this free worksheet, students will learn about his writing The Moon. When you print it out, they will also be able to complete the activities to go along with it.

Cause and Effect: Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland

An excerpt from Alice in Wonderland is a great tool to help students understand cause and effect. Not only will they enjoy reading, but when you print out this activity they will also identify the cause and effect. Have tehm share with the class when yhey are finished!

Classic Literature: Heidi

Students will read about Heidi and her goats in this literary packet. Then they will answer questions and do activities designed to help comprehension.

Classic Literature: Old Mother West Wind

Thornton Burgess wrote Old Mother West Wind in 1910. The book has many stories about interesting characters, including Peter Rabbit,, Jimmy Skunk, and of course, Old Mother West Wind. Students read a passage from the story and complete a set of related activities.

Classic Literature: Pinocchio

Here is a literary packet for students to complete after reading an excerpt from Pinocchio.

Classic Literature: Pollyanna

A reading comprehension set about Eleanor Porter’s book, Pollyanna.

Classic Literature: The Emperor’s New Clothes

A 5-worksheet set about Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes” including reading comprehension questions, vocabulary exercises and more.

Classic Literature: The Little Mermaid

Hans Christian Andersen was a famous Danish writer of children’s stories and fairy tales. He wrote “The Little Mermaid” in 1837. Students read a passage from the story and then work on a series of activities including reading comprension, vocabulary, and more.

Classic Literature: The Road to Oz: The Deadly Desert

Students read this passage from L. Fank Baum’s The Road to Oz and work on accompanying reading worksheets. A great set to help with comprehension, vocabulary and more.

Classic Literature: The Wind in the Willows

Students will read an excerpt from The Wind in th Willows and complete the literary packet including vocabulary, matching, and other related activities.

Classic Literature: Through the Looking-Glass

Help your students improve their reading skills with this activity set about the Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll.

Drama Vocabulary Match

In this drama vocabulary worksheet, students Match each word in Column A with its meaning in Column B.

Find the Rhyme Scheme

Ready for some rhyme scheme practice?