20 Nonfiction Text Features Posters

Nonfiction Text Features Poster:

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(Click on Get Worksheet below) What are text features? All types of publishing use graphic and organizational features to increase comprehension, separate content, and add visual interest to the text. These enhancements are particularly present in nonfiction works. Knowing how each of these features work helps students locate information quickly and better understand what they are reading.

For example, if a student is reading about ancient Rome, a detailed map can be very helpful. Not only will it provide clarification, but some students are more visual and this type of text feature can help them to comprehend, and put into context, what they are reading.

The PDF below includes 20 printable PDFs (all in one file) that you may use to place on the bulletin board, covert to PowerPoint, or hand out to students. The following text feature elements are included:

Title Page Table of Contents
Index Glossary
Subtitle Heading
Subheading Keywords
Guide Words Text Box
Timeline Illustrations and Photographs
Captions Diagrams
Labels Maps
Charts and Graphs Icons