Shades of Meaning Worksheets

Language is full of nuance and diversity, which adds richness and interest to our conversations and our writing. After all, ‘screamed’ is much more interesting than ‘said.’ We have created the worksheets below to help your student develop a broader vocabulary and understand the nuances in language. You can see the details or download the worksheet by clicking on the titles. These are free for you to use in the classroom or at home. Don't forget to check out all of our vocabulary worksheets!

Shades of Meaning Card Set

Students learn about shades of meanings by arranging the words from weakest to strongest.

Shades of Meaning: Weak to Strong Card Set

Students practice their word skills by by arranging the word cards from weakest to strongest.

Shades of Meaning: Which is Stronger?

This activity includes pairs of words and a sentence. Students decide which word is the strongest form and write it in the blank in the sentence.

Shades of Meaning: How Many?

Students write 3 synonyms for each word on the list. They then organize the synonyms from weakest to strongest.

Shades of Meaning: Strong vs. Weak

Students fill in the blank in each sentence with a word that has a stronger meaning that the word in parentheses.