Commonly Confused Words: Illusion vs. Allusion

Is it an illusion or an allusion? Words can be confusing. Especially when they sound alike but mean different things. On this free worksheet, students will learn the definition of each word and how to use it properly. Print it out and have your students practice filling in the blanks with the correct word.

Commonly Confused Words: Me vs. Myself

Me and myself may be words that refer to the same person but are not interchangeable. Each word is used in certain situations. For some students this can be confusing. Print out this free worksheet for your students to practice the correct use of me and myself.

Commonly Confused Words: Moral vs. Morale

Sometimes a letter makes a huge difference in a word. For example : moral and morale. Print out this free worksheet for your students and they can practice using the correct word with the proper meaning.

Commonly Confused Words: Personal vs. Personnel

The director of personnel told the employee it was not personal, but she was being let go. Personal and personnel sound similar but mean different things. Here is a free worksheet to print out for your students. They will fill in the blank and circle the correct word to practice the correct use of these words!

Commonly Confused Words: Proceed vs. Precede

Some words may sound alike but have different meanings. Print out this free worksheet on proceed vs. precede for your students to complete. With exercises to help you understand where and when to use each word, students will be up to speed in no time.

Commonly Confused Words: Since vs. Sense

My mom told me I have no common sense. Since the rain began I have gotten very wet! Since and sense sound alike but do not mean the same thing. With this free worksheet you print out for your students, they will complete the sentences using the correct word. A great tool for use in any classroom

Confusing Words: Which Is Correct?

Time to work with some confusing word pairs! Students will circle the correct word to complete each sentence. Students practice with word pairs like: aid/aide, bare/bear, accept/except, and council/counsel.

Avoiding Word Errors: Definition Match

Your student will match a word with its meaning in this worksheet. There are 12 questions, including words like anonymous, insure, adopt, unanimous and more.