Conclusion Checklist

Here is a free printable worksheet to help students learn to write a strong conclusion. This worksheet contains a checklist to help students know they have all the correct components to write a strong conclusion. From restatement of thesis to supporting facts, this worksheet has it all.

Diamante Poem: Antonyms

Students write an antonym diamante poem in the space provided.

Diamante Poem: Synonyms

A diamante poem takes its name from the shape it makes: a diamond. Diamante poems were introduced in 1969 by Iris Tiedt. Students write a synonym diamante poem in the space provided.

Edgar Allan Poe; Journalist Trickster

Students read about one of Edgar Allan Poe’s hoaxes when he was a journalist. Each student then write’s their own hoax!

George Washington’s List of Rules

When George Washington was a young boy, he made a list of rules for himself. Students choose one of the rules and write what it means.

Identify the Topic Sentence

The topic sentence in a paragraph states the main idea of the paragraph. While it is
usually at the beginning of the paragraph, it also can be in the middle or end of it. Students underline the topic sentence in each activity.

Newspaper Reporter: An Interview With President Lincoln

Your student is now an official reporter and their task is to interview President Abraham Lincoln! Students write three questions they would ask him and what his replies would be.

Paragraphs and Topic Sentences: Informational

This worksheet includes a list of informational topics. Students write a paragraph on each topic and underline their topic sentence.

Paragraphs and Topic Sentences: Opinions

This activity includes a list of opinion topics. Students write a paragraph on each topic and underline their topic sentence.

Topic Sentence: What’s the Topic?

Students read the topic sentences provided and write what they think the topic is for each.

Treasure Island: Meet Long John Silver

Treasure Island is one of the most famous books ever written. On this worksheet, we have included a passage about a strange meeting. Print out the worksheet and have your students read the passage and complete the questions. Free and printable, it is a great tool for your classroom.

Write the Conclusion: Giant Panda

A conclusion is a short series of statements that leave the reader with a basic summary of a paper. With this free worksheet, students will read an article and write their own conclusion. A printable worksheet is a grerat tool for budding writers!

Write the Conclusion: The Tower of London

Students will read a short article on The Tower of London and write their own conclusion in this worksheet.

Write the Conclusion: When a Tornado Is Coming

Conclusions are an important part of writing. It is a short summary of the writing, meant to leave the reader with the basic information in the piece

Write the Topic Sentence

In this activity, students write a sentence for each of the topic sentences provided.

Writing Prompt Earth Day: What’s Your Idea?

Students write about their ideas about saving water or electricity. A great activity for elementary school grades.