Washington's Birthday Worksheets

Commonly known as the “Father of His Country,” George Washington lead the rebellious American colonies to victory in the American Revolution and was unanimously elected first president of the U.S. His birthday is celebrated on February 22. Our worksheets on this beloved president are below; they are free for you to use at home or in the classroom. View details of the worksheet or download a printable PDF by clicking on the title.

Timeline of George Washington’s Life

Students match words from a list to the correct space on the timeline of George Washington’s life.

George Washington Bio Poem

Your students will write a bio poem about George Washington.

George Washington’s List of Rules

When George Washington was a young boy, he made a list of rules for himself. Students choose one of the rules and write what it means.

George Washington: Almost a King

What if George Washington had become king? Students ponder this question and then write about what it would be like.