Sentence Diagramming: Infinitives

This activity provides students practice diagramming infinitives.

Sentence Diagramming: Interjections

This printable activity provides students practice diagramming interjections.

States and Abbreviations

In this worksheet, your student will write the abbreviations for the 50 US states.

Which One? Correct Periods

Learn how to properly use ending punctuation with this printable worksheet. Students will be asked to circle the number of each sentence that incorrectly uses the period. This is great practice for 3rd – 8th grade students looking to improve their reading and writing skills.

Write a Thanksgiving Story

Your young writer can write the ending to this Thanksgiving disaster writing prompt.

Write Rhyming Couplets

Time for some poetic rhyming couplets!

1850: My Letter to the Editor

Your student will write a persuasive argument about slavery in a letter to an 1850 newspaper.

A Christmas Fairy Reading Comprehension

“The Christmas Fairy” gives students a story to read and questions to answer. A great comprehension activity for the holiday season!

Abbreviations and Names of People

Let’s work on some common abbreviations for people’s titles!

Abbreviations and Street Names

This worksheet addresses the abbreviation in addresses!

Abbreviations for Measurements

Can your student decipher these abbreviations for volume, height, and weight?

Abraham Lincoln Bio Poem

Your students will write a bio poem about Abraham Lincoln.

Add an Appositive

It’s time to add some appositives to sentences!

Add an Appositive II

This worksheet has more on adding appositives to sentences.