Edgar Allan Poe – Annabel Lee: Lost Love

Students read from Edgar Allan Poe’s “Annabel Lee” and answer questions.

Edgar Allan Poe: Secrets in Poetry

Students read from Edgar Allan Poe’s “An Enigma” and decipher the name of the woman’s whose name is hidden within the text.

Father’s Day Bio Poem: My Father

Enhance your students’ writing skills with this fun Father’s Day Biography Poem activity.

Find it: Indirect Characterization

Learn about indirect characterization with this printable worksheet on making inferences and understanding character traits. This classroom activity is great for students looking to practice their reading and inferencing skills. Download and print for use both at home or in the classroom.

Fourth of July Bio Poem: America

Encourage your students to learn about America with this Fourth of July Biography Poem activity.

George Washington Bio Poem

Your students will write a bio poem about George Washington.

George Washington’s List of Rules

When George Washington was a young boy, he made a list of rules for himself. Students choose one of the rules and write what it means.

Greek and Latin Root Word Meaning Match

In this fun classroom activity on Greek root words, students will match each word in Column A with its meaning in Column B! This is great practice for students learning how to identify and define commonly used root words.

Halloween Bio Poem Activity: Ghost

Create a bio poem about your own personal ghost with our fun Halloween printable activity!

Homophone Hunt

Students identify misused homophones in the story and write the correct spelling which should have been used.

Identify the Appositives

Can your student spot the appositives in this worksheet?

Main Idea Organizer

Teach your students how to organize their writing with this helpful Main Idea Organizer. Students will be asked to complete the worksheet by writing their own main idea, three details, and a summary. This will help your students better understand how to organize their ideas for writing in the future, especially when writing an essay!

Narrator’s Point of View Flow Chart

This flowchart helps students identify the correct point of view. They answer “yes” and “no” questions to identify the correct point of view.

Onomatopoeia: Sound Words

There’s no crashing with this onomatopoeia worksheet!

Onomatopoeia: Sounds

Your student will be humming with this onomatopoeia worksheet!

Punctuating Appositives

We’re positive you’ll like this appositive punctuation worksheet!

Robert Burns Poetry: A Red, Red Rose

Students rewrite the Scots spellings of words into Standard English from Robert Burns poem/song, “Auld Lang Syne.”

Warm Up to Onomatopoeia!

When a word is as fun to say as onomatopoeia you know your students will have a blast completing this worksheet. Free and printable, students find the onomatopoeia in each sentence and then complete the activity by creating some of their own!

What is an Appositive?

This is a great beginning worksheet for learning about appositives.