Visual Irony

Can your student spot the visual irony in the pictures in this worksheet?

Warm Up to Hyperbole!

Most people exaggerate sometimes. Teach your students about hyperboles and have them complete this worksheet as they learn! Free and printable, it is a must for every classroom.

Warm Up to Irony!

Here is a worksheet to print out for your students learning about irony! irony is a statement where the actual meaning is different from the literal meaning or a situation where the result is different than expected. WIth different examples given, students are asked to explain the irony in different phrases as well as come up with examples of their own.

Warm Up to Oxymoron!

Have you ever heard someone say “That is an oxymoron!” and not know what they meant? Print out this free worksheet to help teach students what an oxymoron is. They will learn the definition, how to identify, and even write their oxymoron with this free worksheet!

What Does It Mean?

This worksheet helps your student learn to use context clues.

Working with Context Clues: The Raven

“Nevermore” will you have to look for a middle school worksheet on context clues!

Write the Conclusion: Hawaii, the Aloha State

The article Hawaii, the Aloha State needs an ending. Have your students read the article and write a conclusion.

Write the Conclusion: Why the Moon?

Students will write their own conclusion with this activity. Print out the free worksheet Why the Moon for your students to read. They will then write a conclusion, remembering to include important parts of the article.

Yeats and the Poetry of Ireland

Your students will read one of William Butler Yeat’s poems, “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”, and answer questions.

Irony in Prose: The Diamond Necklace

In this worksheet your student will discuss the irony in a passage from “The Diamond Necklace.”

Slavery in the Constitution

Your student can compare different parts of the Constitution that relate to slavery.