Describe it with Adjectives 2

In this worksheet, your student will write a description of a picture. Another student reads and guesses what the picture looks like. It’s great adjective practice!

Describe it with Adjectives 3

Adjectives are all important in this descriptive writing worksheet. Your student will describe a picture for another student to guess. Helpful for 2nd grade practice of Core Standards for Conventions of Standard English, the worksheet may also be useful to other students.

Dictionary Abbreviations: Do You Know?

In this activty, abbreviations commonly used in dictionaries are listed and students write what each abbreviation means.

Dictionary Game: Definitions

The activity teaches how to quickly find words in the dictionary. Students play together by trying to quickly match aword card with a definition.

Dictionary Game: Pronunciation

A fun game where students try to determine which word each pronunciation refers to.

Eating With Adverbs

It’s time to add some adverbs to sentences!

Find the Collective Noun

Your student will identify the collective noun in this worksheet.

Find the Definition

In this worksheet, students use a dictionary to find the definition of each word listed. Write the first definition given in the dictionary in the space provided.

Halloween Words Activity: Alphabetical Order

Spooky, Pumpkin, Costume, Treats! Can you put these Halloween words in alphabetical order? Students will practice rewriting the words listed on the worksheet in alphabetical order with this fun classroom activity.

How to Change Adjectives to Adverbs

It’s not magic; adjectives can be turned into adverbs! Your student will change them with ease after this worksheet.

Identifying Adverbs

Your super sleuth student will identify the adverb and the verb it modifies in this worksheet.

Identifying Adverbs II

Here’s some more practice for finding the adverb and its verb.

Identifying Adverbs III

This worksheet asks your student to read a story and circle all the adverbs.

Identifying Adverbs IV

This worksheet features a fun story for your student to read and find all the adverbs.

Irregular Plural Nouns

Write the irregular plural form of each noun.

Make the Spelling Corrections

Encourage your students to look for spelling corrections with this “Correcting, Proofing, and Editing” worksheet.

Making Compound Words

This compound word worksheet has a helpful word bank.

Misused Verbs – Can, May

Choose can, was able to, may or might to complete each sentence.

Misused Verbs – Lie, Lay

Choose lie, lay or laid to complete each sentence.