Verb Tense Stories

Circle the verbs. Write each one in the past tense form.

What’s the Root Word?

A root word is a word that can be made into a new word by adding a prefix or a suffix. With this educational worksheet on root words, determine what the suffix or the prefix is in order to find the root!

Winter Adjectives: Shades of Meaning

Teach your students how to put adjectives in order from weakest to strongest in this winter activity for elementary grade levels.

Write a Noun for Adjectives

Identifying parts of speech is an important skill to learn in early education! With this printable activity, students will practice writing nouns and adjectives. After reading through a series of adjectives, students will be asked to write a noun for each adjective to describe.

Abbreviations – Months

This worksheet asks your student to write the abbreviated names of the month of the year.

Add a Prefix

Your student can be perfect with prefixes with this worksheet!

Add a Suffix

Here’s some super suffix practice!

Adjectives Add Interest

Writing would be bland if there were no adjectives! Your youngster will discover the fun of writing with adjectives in this worksheet.

Adjectives or Adverbs

While many adverbs end in -ly, some adjectives do also! Students pracitce distinguishing between the adjectives and the adverbs in this worksheet.

Adjectives Synonyms

In this worksheet, your student will find a related adjective for the adjective in a sentence.

Adjectives to Adverb Sentences

It’s time to adjust those adjectives so they are adverbs!

Adjectives to Adverbs

It’s amazing that adding -ly to an adjective can make a word an adverb!

Advanced Linking Verbs

Underline the adjective or noun.

Adverbs of Frequency 2

Your student will write sentences that include an adverb of frequency in this worksheet.

Alphabetize It! Native American Dwellings

Teach your students about the many different Native American dwellings as you celebrate Native American Heritage Month in the classroom. With this printable worksheet, students will be asked to put each type of dwelling in alphabetical order. This activity is ideal for 2nd – 4th grade, but can be used where appropriate.

Alphabetize the Hanukkah Words

Here, you’ll find a printable Hanukkah activity that will keep your students focused in the classroom around the holidays. Students will be given a list of words relating to Hanukkah, and will be asked to put them in alphabetical order. Ideal for 2nd – 4th grade, but can be used where appropriate.

Alphabetize the Hispanic Countries

Students will learn about the many different Hispanic countries with this printable activity as they are asked to put each the countries in alphabetical order. This printable Hispanic Countries worksheet is ideal for 2nd – 4th grade, but can be used where appropriate.

Alphabetize the Months

January, February, March, and April! We know this is the correct order of the months at the beginning of the year, but can you put all of the months in order alphabetically? Keep your students engaged as they learn about alphabetizing and practicing the months of the year.

An Adverb Can Tell How

How about a great adverb worksheet!

An Adverb Can Tell When

Here’s a worksheet that focuses on one important use of an adverb.