Homographs and Context Clues

This worksheet is all about homographs and context clues!

Hyphenation in Line Breaks

Time to learn about hyphenation and line breaks.

Paradox and Oxymoron Activity

Can your student identify the paradoxes and oxymorons?

Paradox in Literature

This worksheet features some paradoxes in literature.

Paradox: Quotations and Sayings

In this worksheet your student will analyze some famous paradoxical statements.

Warm Up to Paradox!

When something seems to contradict itself but can still be true, we call it a paradox. Identifying a paradox can be confusing. Here is a free worksheet to print out for your students to complete. Examples of a paradox and fill in the blanks can give your students a headstart on mastering a paradox.

Word Pairs: Choose the Correct Word

The vocabulary is more advanced in this confusing word pairs worksheet. Students will practice with word pairs like elicit/illicit, discreet/discrete and more.

Writing with Commonly Confused Words

Now your student gets a chance to write with some easily confused words! Students practice with words like conscious, conscientious, antidote, and anecdote.