High School Worksheets

The 9th-12th grade band materials support student learning for students at the ninth, tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade levels. Many items can be used to teach basic skills that will be necessary for ninth through twelfth graders to master reading, writing, and spelling skills. Locating materials by grade band can help you with students who are progressing more quickly than their grade level with their skills mastery, but it can also help with students who are still working on the core skills from a previous grade, as well as a mixed classroom of multiple learners. Below are free, printable worksheets, which are ready to be used or duplicated for home or classroom.

Correcting Dangling Modifiers

Correcting Dangling Modifiers Language Arts Worksheet

Now it’s time to correct the dangling modifiers in sentences!

Correcting Misplaced Modifiers

Misplaced Modifier Worksheet

Your student will correct the misplaced modifiers in this worksheet.

Explaining Oxymorons

Explaining Oxymorons - Free, Printable Worksheet Lesson Activity

This oxymoron worksheet is awfully good!

Higher Grades KWL Chart Template

KWL Chart Template

KWL charts are helpful tools to teach students how to approach problem solving. This template is designed for students in middle school and high school.

Irony in Poetry


Two poetry passages from classic literature are the focus of this irony worksheet.

Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers

Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers

Whether they are dangling or misplaces, these modifiers need to be corrected!

Oxymoron Match

Oxymoron Match - Free, Printable Worksheet Activity

An oxymoron is some seriously fun figurative language!

Placing Modifiers

Placing modifiers Worksheet Activity

In this worksheet your student will place modifiers in sentences.

Situational Irony vs. Dramatic Irony

Situational vs. Dramatic Irony - Worksheet Practice Activity

Your student will determine which passage shows situational irony and which shows dramatic irony.

Visual Irony

Visual Irony Worksheet Activity

Can your student spot the visual irony in the pictures in this worksheet?

A Great Invention


This writing worksheet is a journey of discovery.

Abigail Adams: Persuading Her Husband


Go behind the scenes of the Continental Congress with this point of view worksheet on Abigail Adam’s letter to her husband, John.

Adverbial Phrases

Adverbial Phrases Worksheet Activity

Here’s some practice for understanding adverbial phrases.

Another Time


Here’s a creative writing prompt that will move your student through time and space.

Brackets: Changing the Text

Brackets: Changing the Text - Punctuation Worksheet Activity

This punctuation worksheet features using brackets with edited quotations.

Brackets: Clarifying Text

Clarifying Text with Brackets - Worksheet Practice Activity

Now let’s work on brackets to clarify meanings.