Spot the Infinitive Phrase

Practice reading and writing skills with this printable verb worksheet focusing on infinitive phrase. Students will be asked to read through the given sentences and circle the number of each sentence that contains an infinitive phrase. Ideal for 7th – 9th grade students, but can be used where appropriate.

Visual Irony

Can your student spot the visual irony in the pictures in this worksheet?

Warm Up to Hyperbole!

Most people exaggerate sometimes. Teach your students about hyperboles and have them complete this worksheet as they learn! Free and printable, it is a must for every classroom.

Warm Up to Irony!

Here is a worksheet to print out for your students learning about irony! irony is a statement where the actual meaning is different from the literal meaning or a situation where the result is different than expected. WIth different examples given, students are asked to explain the irony in different phrases as well as come up with examples of their own.

Warm Up to Oxymoron!

Have you ever heard someone say “That is an oxymoron!” and not know what they meant? Print out this free worksheet to help teach students what an oxymoron is. They will learn the definition, how to identify, and even write their oxymoron with this free worksheet!

Yeats and the Poetry of Ireland

Your students will read one of William Butler Yeat’s poems, “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”, and answer questions.

A Great Invention

This writing worksheet is a journey of discovery.

A Tale of Two Cities: The Beginning

Charles Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cities which was published in 1859. Students read the passage and answer questions.

Abigail Adams: Persuading Her Husband

Go behind the scenes of the Continental Congress with this point of view worksheet on Abigail Adam’s letter to her husband, John.

Adverbial Phrases

Here’s some practice for understanding adverbial phrases.

Another Time

Here’s a creative writing prompt that will move your student through time and space.

Brackets: Changing the Text

This punctuation worksheet features using brackets with edited quotations.

Brackets: Clarifying Text

Now let’s work on brackets to clarify meanings.

Character Analysis in The Red Badge of Courage

Your student will analyze the main character from the classic novel, “The Red Badge of Courage” in this worksheet.

Colons and Lists

Colons are colossal in this worksheet on punctuating lists!

Colons Used With Explanations

Here is some practice on using colons with explanations.