Halloween Worksheets

Halloween ranks as one of the most popular holidays for children. Besides the yummy treats they receive from trick-or-treating, they also get to dress up in costumes, attend parties and carnivals, and even, occasionally scare their friends. Below are our Halloween worksheets that provide a little learning along with the fun. They are free for you to use in the classroom or at home. You may view the worksheet or download a PDF by clicking on the title.

Halloween Jack-o’-lantern Printable Bookmark

This festive activity includes three printable, themed bookmarks that you can customize by having your students color their own spooky picture on the back of the bookmarks, or even glue two together to create a bookmark with jack-o’-lanterns on both sides! 

Halloween Preschool Theme Activities

Celebrate Halloween as you learn all about numbers, letters, and colors with our Halloween Preschool Theme Activities. These printable worksheets are equally as fun as they are educational, making them perfect for use both at home and in the classroom.

Circle the Consonants: Pumpkin Patch

Students will have fun looking for consonants in the pumpkin patch with this festive activity!

Color the Halloween Adjectives

With this educational, fun Halloween coloring activity, students will be asked to color each shape with an adjective in it yellow, and the other shapes any color they like. Once completed, a picture of a Halloween cat, pumpkin, and moon will appear! This activity is easy to print, making it great for use both at home and in class.

Color the Halloween Words Activity

In this Halloween Activity, color the word ‘scary’ with yellow, ‘ghost’ with blue, ‘bat’ with green, and so on. Once students are done coloring, they will find that they have revealed the word ‘BOO!’ Ideal for 1st-3rd Grade, but can be used where appropriate.

Halloween Connect Four Maze Activity

In this printable Halloween activity, students will be asked to connect the Halloween Jack-o-Lantern to the hat, cat, ghost, and bat. Can you do this without touching the walls of the maze? Let’s find out! This holiday worksheet is perfect for keeping students engaged and having fun in the classroom.

Halloween: Color the Long A Sounds Activity

Practice sounding out long a with this printable Halloween Coloring Activity. Students will be asked to color the spaces with words that have a long a sound blue and color the spaces with words that have a short a sound any color they like.

Halloween: Color the Short A Sounds Activity

This worksheet is great for practicing the long and short a sounds. Students will be asked to color the spaces with words that have a short a sound orange and can color the spaces with words that have a long a sound any color they like.

Writing Prompt: My Halloween Costume

What would you like to be for Halloween? What would your costume look like? Write a description of your costume in the space provided on the worksheet, and then draw a picture of your costume in the box!

Adjectives Set the Mood: Trick or Treat Halloween Activity

Have you ever been trick or treated? Help Matt and Ava finish telling their story about trick or treated with this fun writing worksheet!

Comparatives and Superlatives: Halloween Edition

Practice comparative and superlative forms with this Halloween Words Activity! Students will be asked to write the comparative and superlative forms for the Halloween themed adjectives and adverbs, such as spooky, eerie, and strange.

Halloween Acrostic Poem Activity

Help your students develop their writing skills with our festive GHOST acrostic poem!

Halloween Secret Code Activity

This Halloween activity asks students to decode a secret message. Each number on the worksheet stands for a letter in the alphabet. Students will write the correct letter in the blank to find the coded words and to complete the phrase.

Halloween Spiders: Make a Word Activity!

On the worksheet, each spider has a letter on its back. Students will be asked to make as many words as they can in the amount of time given, using only the letters on the spiders’ backs. The longer the word, the more points it is worth!

Halloween Word Search Activity

Who doesn’t love a good word search? Use this festive Halloween word search activity to bring some fun into the classroom!

Halloween Words Activity: Alphabetical Order

Spooky, Pumpkin, Costume, Treats! Can you put these Halloween words in alphabetical order? Students will practice rewriting the words listed on the worksheet in alphabetical order with this fun classroom activity.

What Happens Next? Halloween Surprise Activity

Keep learning fun during the holidays with this Halloween Reading Comprehension Activity. Students will be asked to read a passage and then answer the given questions about the story. This worksheet is great for use both at home and in the classroom.

Halloween Bio Poem Activity: Ghost

Create a bio poem about your own personal ghost with our fun Halloween printable activity!

Halloween Synonym Match Worksheet

This Halloween matching activity asks students to read through two lists, Column A and Column B, and pair the words from Column A to their synonyms in Column B. This festive worksheet is great for teaching students how to identify synonyms in a way that is both fun and educational.