Shakespeare Reading Worksheets

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616) is often considered the greatest author in the English language world. As author of such masterpieces as “Hamlet,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and “Macbeth,” he presented themes that resonate today. Any speaker of the English language owes him a debt for coining eloquent phrases that are commonly used today, such as “laughing stock” and “green-eyed monster.” The worksheets on the works of “the Bard” are listed below. Use them at home or in the classroom for free. View or download each one by clicking on the title.

Romeo and Juliet: Sword Fight

Students read an excerpt from Romeo and Juliet and answer related questions.

Shakespeare: Understanding the Sonnet

William Shakespeare is known for his plays, but he also wrote over 150 sonnets. In this activity, students read one of his sonnets and write the rhyme scheme.

Shakespeare’s Famous Sayings and Phrases

Bring some fun into the classroom with this activity that asks students to guess the meaning of Shakespeare’s famous sayings and phrases.

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet: Understanding the Prologue

Students will learn about prologues in this activity and will enhance their skills by answering questions about the “Romeo and Juliet” excerpt.

Shakespeare’s Henry V: Once More Unto the Breach

In this activity, your students will read an excerpt from “Shakespeare’s Henry V” and answer questions related to the topic.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth Reading Comprehension

Help your students improve their reading comprehension with this “Shakespeare’s Macbeth” activity.