What Does It Mean?

This worksheet helps your student learn to use context clues.

Working with Context Clues: The Raven

“Nevermore” will you have to look for a middle school worksheet on context clues!

Context Clues for Meaning

Here’s a high school drill for using context clues for finding word meanings.

Context Clues in Julius Caesar

“Julius Caesar” is the text for this context clue worksheet.

Context Clues: Reading for Meaning

A passage from “A Tale of Two Cities” is the focus for this context clues worksheet.

Finding Meaning In Context

This worksheet uses a passage from “Jane Eyre” to develop your student’s skills with context clues.

Gettysburg Address Context Clues

In this worksheet, your student will use context clues as a way to discover the meaning of words.

Hamlet: Using Context for Word Meaning

Hamlet’s encounter with his father’s ghost is the scene for this context clue worksheet.

Homographs and Context Clues

This worksheet is all about homographs and context clues!

Poetic Words:Discover the Meaning

Shelley’s “Ode to the West Wind” can help your student understand word meanings with context clues.