Proper Noun Worksheets

What is a proper noun? A proper noun is a word that refers to a very specific object by name. These words are capitalized in English and include first, last and brand names, along with countries and cities, among other things. Ex. Sparky belongs to Judy and Kristin, who work at the Boston Fire Department. In this sentence, the common nouns from before have been given specific names. Below you will find several different types of proper noun worksheets that help your student.

Capitalize Proper Nouns

Capitalize the proper nouns from the story.

Common and Proper Nouns

Write Common or Proper on the line next to each noun. Then, write three of each.

Identifying Nouns

Read the story. Circle all the nouns. Write them on the lines below the story.

Nouns Review 1

Tell whether each noun is common or proper. Write the plural of each word.

Replace with Proper Nouns

Make the story more interesting by replacing the common nouns with proper