Adverb Worksheets

What is an adverb?

Like adjectives, an adverb is a descriptor. However, it describes verbs, adverbs or adjectives. You are welcome to use these free adverb worksheets; click on the title to view the details or download the PDF for printing.

Alphabet Collections: Adverbs

Identifying the difference betweeen an adverb and an adjective can be difficult. With this printable Parts of Speech Worksheet, students will focus on adverbs as they write an adverb for each letter of the alphabet. This activity is made easy to print, making it great for use both at home and in the classroom.

Adjectives to Adverb Sentences

It’s time to adjust those adjectives so they are adverbs!

Adjectives to Adverbs

It’s amazing that adding -ly to an adjective can make a word an adverb!

Adverbs of Frequency

Here’s a worksheet for adding adverbs of frequency to a sentence.

Adverbs of Frequency 2

Your student will write sentences that include an adverb of frequency in this worksheet.

An Adverb Can Tell How

How about a great adverb worksheet!

An Adverb Can Tell When

Here’s a worksheet that focuses on one important use of an adverb.

An Adverb Can Tell Where

Your student will learn about the “where” adverbs in this worksheet.

Change the Verbs to Adverbs

The easiest way to change a verb into an adverb is to change the verb into an adjective, then add a suffix to the adjective to turn it into an adverb. For example, you can change the verb, sleep, into an adjective, sleepy, which you can then turn into an adverb, sleepily, by adding a suffix. Students will work through a list of verbs that need to be changed into an adverb with this helpful activity.

Comparative Adverbs

Your student will be better at adverbs after completing this comparative adverb chart!

Comparative and Superlative Practice

Using comparative and superlative adverbs will be easier after this worksheet!

Eating With Adverbs

It’s time to add some adverbs to sentences!

Identifying Adverbs

Your super sleuth student will identify the adverb and the verb it modifies in this worksheet.

Identifying Adverbs II

Here’s some more practice for finding the adverb and its verb.

Identifying Adverbs III

This worksheet asks your student to read a story and circle all the adverbs.

Identifying Adverbs IV

This worksheet features a fun story for your student to read and find all the adverbs.

Playing With Adverbs

Here’s some playful practice with adverbs!

Questioning Adverbs

In this worksheet your student will identify the adverb and tell how it describes the verb.