Direct and Indirect Object Worksheets

What is a direct object? What is an indirect object? How can you tell a direct object vs. an indirect object? Direct and indirect objects are often confused, but are really quite straightforward. Both are usually nouns. A direct object receives the action of the predicate. The indirect object is the receiver of the direct object. Students need to understand the role of each to understand the structure of a sentence. The object worksheets below may be viewed or downloaded for printing by clicking on the title. Each of them is free for use in class or at home.

Helpful Definitions and Examples

What is a Direct Object?
What is an Indirect Object?
What is an Indirect Object Pronooun?

Direct and Indirect Object Printable Worksheet Activities

Circle It! Indirect Objects

Identify the indirect object in each sentence with this printable worksheet on parts of a sentence. This is great practice for 3rd – 5th grade students to use at home or in the classroom. Click the link below to download and print.

Nouns as Direct Objects Worksheet

Underline the verb that shows the action, and circle the direct object that receives the action.

Complex Direct Object Worksheet

Your student will practice working with complex direct objects in this worksheet.

Compound Indirect Object Worksheet

In this worksheet your student will identify the compound indirect objects.

Pronouns as Indirect Objects

Here’s some direct object and pronoun practice.