Oxymoron Worksheets

Oxymoron Worksheets

What is an Oxymoron? If your students are asking, "what is an oxymoron?" then these oxymoron worksheets are right for you. If your students aren't asking, "what is an oxymoron?" these oxymoron worksheets might still be right for you. These oxymoron worksheets will help students to identify an oxymoron in writing and how to weave one into their own.

Explaining Oxymorons

This oxymoron worksheet is awfully good!

Figurative Language: What Is It?

This multiple choice worksheet asks your student to identify the type of figurative language used in the sentence or phrase.

Oxymoron Match

An oxymoron is some seriously fun figurative language!

Warm Up to Oxymoron!

Have you ever heard someone say “That is an oxymoron!” and not know what they meant? Print out this free worksheet to help teach students what an oxymoron is. They will learn the definition, how to identify, and even write their oxymoron with this free worksheet!

Working with Figurative Language

In this worksheet your student will match up the figures of speech with the phrase or sentence.

Paradox and Oxymoron Activity

Can your student identify the paradoxes and oxymorons?