Write a Description: Melting Snowman

With this unique winter activity, help your students further develop their writing skills.

Write a Thanksgiving Story

Your young writer can write the ending to this Thanksgiving disaster writing prompt.

Write Rhyming Couplets

Time for some poetic rhyming couplets!

Write with Phrasal Verbs

Students write sentences that include the phrasal verbs listed.

Writing Limericks

This activity lists opening lines for two limericks. Students write the other lines to complete the limerick, remembering which lines that need to rhyme.

Writing Prompt: A New Plant in Spring

Students choose from the letters on a Spring flower and write words that start with a vowel. A fun way to practice vocabulary and anticipate the warm days to come!

Writing Prompt: She’s the Best

Students write about a special sister, grandmother, mother, or friend!