Water Cycle

Week 25 Reading Comprehension (E-25). A reading passage about water’s three different forms or states: solid, liquid, gas. Cross-Curricular Focus: Earth Science.

What Conclusion Can You Make?

These sentences will help your student learn to draw conclusions.

What Happens Next?

Your student will decide what happens next in this inference worksheet.

What Is It?

Clues and conclusions are the focus of this worksheet.

What’s in Your Cells?

Week 2 Reading Comprehension (E-2). This passage describes how living things are made up of cells, and cells have specific structure Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.

Draw a Conclusion: Visual Details

Your student will use visual clues to make inferences about a group of pictures in this worksheet.

Inference Practice 2: Where Am I?

Here’s some inference practice for your middle school student.

Main Idea Graphic Organizer

Staying organized can be difficult, especially when you are trying to keep your writing and ideas well organized. With this printable Main Idea Graphic Organizer, students can keep their thoughts and ideas organized and separated based on their order of importance.

Susan B. Anthony and the Right to Vote

Susan B. Anthony was very important in women’s right to vote. Here is a exercise for students to read and then answer related questions.