Thanksgiving Idioms Worksheet Activity

Help your students better understand what is an idiom with this Thanksgiving Idiom Phrases Activity.

The Slash as Punctuation

The sly slash is also used as a punctuation mark!

Using Antonyms for Context Clues

In this worksheet, if you understand the antonym, you understand the word!

Using Context Clues with Literature

Finding the meaning with context clues is the focus of this middle school worksheet.

Using Personification

Your student is asked to write sentences using personification in this worksheet.

Warm Up to Hyperbole!

Most people exaggerate sometimes. Teach your students about hyperboles and have them complete this worksheet as they learn! Free and printable, it is a must for every classroom.

Warm Up to Personification!

When you give human traits to something that is not human it is called personification. The tall tree stood guard at the gate is an example of personification. Here is a worksheet you can print out to familiarize students with what personification is and help them identify it in sentences, Free and printable, it is a great addition to any classroom.

What Does It Mean?

This worksheet helps your student learn to use context clues.

Working with Context Clues: The Raven

“Nevermore” will you have to look for a middle school worksheet on context clues!

Writing Practice: Using Commas

Now it’s time to work on commas used in a variety of ways.

Writing with Personification

Personification is the focus of this figurative language worksheet.