4th Grade CCSS: Language

For fourth graders, this Common Core area helps students gain mastery of the rules for using the English language, including vocabulary use and language conventions, in order to improve their skills as writers and readers. Among the complete standards for this grade, fourth graders will be asked to: demonstrate that they understand standard English usage by showing that they understand the function of relative nouns, relative adverbs, the progressive tense, modal auxiliaries, Greek and Latin affixes and roots, prepositional phrases, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and many additional conventions of the language, choose and use language and punctuation for a desired effect, be able to consult reference materials to check correct spellings, determine unknown words within the grade level, use context clues and root words with unknown words to determine meanings, understand figurative language, metaphors, idioms, adages and proverbs.

Action Verbs Practice

Write the correct tense of the action verb to match the rest of the sentence.

Add the Phrasal Verb

In this activity, students choose a phrasal verb from the word bank that best completes the sentence.

Adjectives Set the Mood: Trick or Treat Halloween Activity

Have you ever been trick or treated? Help Matt and Ava finish telling their story about trick or treated with this fun writing worksheet!

Alphabetize It! Native American Dwellings

Teach your students about the many different Native American dwellings as you celebrate Native American Heritage Month in the classroom. With this printable worksheet, students will be asked to put each type of dwelling in alphabetical order. This activity is ideal for 2nd – 4th grade, but can be used where appropriate.

Alphabetize the Hanukkah Words

Here, you’ll find a printable Hanukkah activity that will keep your students focused in the classroom around the holidays. Students will be given a list of words relating to Hanukkah, and will be asked to put them in alphabetical order. Ideal for 2nd – 4th grade, but can be used where appropriate.

Alphabetize the Hispanic Countries

Students will learn about the many different Hispanic countries with this printable activity as they are asked to put each the countries in alphabetical order. This printable Hispanic Countries worksheet is ideal for 2nd – 4th grade, but can be used where appropriate.

Alphabetize the Months

January, February, March, and April! We know this is the correct order of the months at the beginning of the year, but can you put all of the months in order alphabetically? Keep your students engaged as they learn about alphabetizing and practicing the months of the year.

Apostrophe Practice

Your student is asked to add the apostrophes in a variety of sentences in this worksheet.

Change the Adjectives to Nouns

Adjectives can be changed into nouns easily. Usually, but not always, it is as simple as removing the suffix. Can you change the adjective, colorful, into a noun? Let’s find out as you work through this activity!

Change the Nouns to Adjectives

Nouns can be changed into adjectives easily. Usually, it is as simple as adding a suffix. Can you change the noun, color, into an adjective? Let’s find out as you work through this activity!

Change the Nouns to Verbs

Nouns can be changed into verbs easily. Usually, but not always, it is as simple as remvoing a suffix. For example, by removing the suffix off of the noun, subtraction, it turns into the verb, subtract. Let’s see if you can figure out this rest on this printable grammar worksheet!

Change the Verbs to Adverbs

The easiest way to change a verb into an adverb is to change the verb into an adjective, then add a suffix to the adjective to turn it into an adverb. For example, you can change the verb, sleep, into an adjective, sleepy, which you can then turn into an adverb, sleepily, by adding a suffix. Students will work through a list of verbs that need to be changed into an adverb with this helpful activity.

Changing Modifiers: Good

Sometimes good can be beautiful, great, or happy!

Christmas Synonyms and Antonyms

Practice writing synonyms and antonyms with this Christmas Words Activity. Students will be asked to read a list of holiday themed words and write a synonym and antonym for each given word. For example, write a synonym and antonym for “dashing”.

Christmas Vocabulary Match Worksheet

A fun activity for students to learn the meanings of Christmas words!

Christmas: Alphabetize This!

Sleigh, star, snow, stocking. Can you put these Christmas words in alphabetical order? With this fun holiday activity, students will be asked to rewrite the list of words given in their alphabetical order.

Dictionary Abbreviations: Do You Know?

In this activty, abbreviations commonly used in dictionaries are listed and students write what each abbreviation means.

Dictionary Game: Definitions

The activity teaches how to quickly find words in the dictionary. Students play together by trying to quickly match aword card with a definition.

Dictionary Game: Pronunciation

A fun game where students try to determine which word each pronunciation refers to.