To Be Verbs

Complete each sentence by writing the correct form of the verb to be.

Using Irregular Verbs: Past Tense

For some verbs, we don’t use -ed to form the past tense. Instead, we use a completely different word. With this printable activity, students will be asked to fill in the blank of each sentence with the past tense form of the verb that is given. For example, change to present tense of the verb, sit, to the past tense of the verb, sat.

Verb Endings: -ed

When something happened in the past, a verb should be in the past tense. For many words, adding the ending -ed to the verb makes it past tense. For example, by adding -ed onto the verb, talk, it becomes the past tense verb, talked. With this helpful activity, students will practice rewriting present tense verbs in the past tense.

Verb or Not a Verb?

Verbs are words that show an action or being. Some words in this activity are verbs, and some are not. Let’s see if you can tell the difference between the two as you work your way through this group of words!

Verb Tense Stories

Circle the verbs. Write each one in the past tense form.

Vowel Sort: Words That Start With A

Here’s a sorting set for words that begin with A!

Vowel Sort: Words That Start With E

Use this alphabet sorting set alone, with other vowel sets or with a consonant set!

Vowel Sort: Words That Start With I

Your student will sort the words that start with I and the words that don’t in this alphabet game!

Vowel Sort: Words That Start With O

Oh, you will love this alphabet game on the letter O!

Vowel Sort: Words That Start With U

This sorting game on the letter U will help your student learn her letters.

What’s the Root Word?

A root word is a word that can be made into a new word by adding a prefix or a suffix. With this educational worksheet on root words, determine what the suffix or the prefix is in order to find the root!

Why Do We Need Pronouns

Choose the appropriate pronouns from the Word Bank to fill in the blanks.

Winter Adjectives: Shades of Meaning

Teach your students how to put adjectives in order from weakest to strongest in this winter activity for elementary grade levels.

Word Meaning Game

Here’s a fun game for context clues!

Word Meaning Game 2

More of the fun context clue game!

Write a Noun for Adjectives

Identifying parts of speech is an important skill to learn in early education! With this printable activity, students will practice writing nouns and adjectives. After reading through a series of adjectives, students will be asked to write a noun for each adjective to describe.

Comparatives and Superlatives: Halloween Edition

Practice comparative and superlative forms with this Halloween Words Activity! Students will be asked to write the comparative and superlative forms for the Halloween themed adjectives and adverbs, such as spooky, eerie, and strange.