15 Great Dr. Seuss Activities and Printables for Your Classroom

Dr. Seuss Activities

Whether you’re planning a birthday bash for Dr. Seuss on March 2 or just want to inject a little fun into your classroom while practicing important literacy skills, you can never have too many Dr. Seuss activities and printables at your fingertips. Dr. Seuss activities, like coloring pages make a great rainy-day activity or a nice reward for students to enjoy with a substitute teacher, and with so many wonderful books to choose from, your class is sure to have a favorite among our Dr. Seuss Activities.

So what should you look for when you’re planning your Dr. Seuss activities or lessons for preschool and kindergarten? First, make sure your Dr. Seuss activities are age-appropriate. Coloring pages and games for preschoolers should be big, bold and easy to read. For kindergarten through second grade, be sure the reading level of any text is on target for your students, and always test a Dr. Seuss activities craft out at home first to work out any bugs before having students give it a try.

Here’s a look at our favorite Dr. Seuss Activities, broken down by book and with links to all kinds of fun activities and printables. Enjoy!

“Green Eggs and Ham” Dr. Seuss Activities

“Green Eggs and Ham” is the perfect book to read when your students have strong preferences – or aversions! – and the lesson about being open-minded is a great one for starting the year off right.

  • Printable Green Eggs Rhyme Puzzles: Print these Dr. Seuss activities on green card stock and cut them out ahead of time to let preschoolers practice matching rhymes from the book. For older students, encourage them to make their own rhyming pieces on blanks and play the new games with friends.
  • Green Eggs and Ham Class Book: Perfect for kindergarten, students get to draw themselves eating the title meal and tell what they think about how it tastes. You can send these Dr. Seuss activities home or compile printable pages into a class book for sharing.
  • Dr. Seuss Birthday Dinner: If you’re feeling really crafty with one of these Dr. Seuss activities, serve your students green deviled eggs and red bow tie pasta in honor of the Cat in the Hat during a classroom celebration. Discussing how they felt about trying something new and unusual is a great morning meeting follow-up activity.

“The Lorax” Dr. Seuss Activities

“The Lorax” is one of those books that work for all ages. Preschoolers love the rhymes and the colors, but elementary students of all ages can dig into the environmental issues – especially as part of an Earth Day thematic unit.

  • The Lorax’s Earth Day Set: This set of four printable Dr Seuss Activities is aimed at early literacy skills but offers something for everyone to enjoy. There’s a take-home sign to remind about recycling, a Lorax coloring page, a word search and an environmental word scramble in this set.
  • DIY Recycling Game: This one of our environmentally conscious Dr. Seuss activities helps students learn which items should be recycled. Have students draw or cut photos of everyday items from magazines and glue them onto index cards. When the deck is made, kids sort cards into trash or recycling bins. It’s a great take-home activity to share with siblings!
  • The Lorax Graphic Organizers: This set of printable Dr. Seuss activities are graphic organizers helps students understand cause and effect relationships in the story. For younger students, there’s also a helpful breakdown of beginning, middle and end of the story structure.

“The Cat in the Hat” Activities

This Dr. Seuss preschool classic is pure fun. Get your youngest readers hooked on the magic of Seuss with these fun classroom activities.

  • Seussville Preschool Printables: Here’s a collection of Dr. Seuss activities, featuring the Cat in the Hat, to make a packet or dole out one by one as surprises throughout the school year. We like the birthday cake maze and colorful addition Dr. Seuss activities best, but there are over a dozen to choose from.
  • Cat in the Hat Fine Motor Games: This Montessori-inspired activity help kids grip and move pom poms to decorate the Cat’s famous hat. You can also use the top hat printable for an art project to send home afterwards.
  • Cat in the Hat Word Family Hats: This is a great activity to reinforce early phonics and spelling lessons. Your students will also have fun making rhymes as they see who can build the tallest top hat.

“One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” Dr Seuss Activities

Everyone’s favorite book about adjectives lends itself to all sort of math and counting Dr. Seuss activities that are just right for preschoolers working on number sense. Make math fun with these Dr. Seuss-inspired games and activities.

  • One Fish, Two Fish Counting Game: This double set of Dr. Seuss activities includes a fish bowl and lots of colorful fish. Make a die with a wooden block for kids to roll, and let the counting games begin!
  • Seussville Activities and Printables: Two great Dr. Seuss activities include a printable coloring worksheet and an opposites matching page. After they complete the worksheet, challenge students to a game of Opposite Simon Says to see if they can disobey you!

Other Favorite Dr. Seuss Activities and Printables

Though lots of popular titles are taught each year in preschool, kindergarten and elementary school classrooms, don’t forget to add your own favorite Dr. Seuss book into the mix for an extra dash of fun! Try these additional printables and activities to keep the good times rolling during read-aloud.

  • Bartholomew and the Oobleck Recipe: Science-minded teachers who love a mess will enjoy whipping up a batch of oobleck for students to experiment with. Is it a liquid or a solid?
  • Hop on Pop Sight Word Game: Beginning readers will love this fun, kinesthetic way to get a “jump” on sight words.
  • Horton Hears a Who Mask: This gentle tale about caring for others is even more fun when you act it out. Your students will love making these simple elephant masks after reading the story together!
  • Grinch Day Printable Activities: This holiday book is a great way to talk about emotions and generosity. Printables in this set include a board game and adjective worksheet.