Fifth Grade Spelling Words List – Week 26

About this Spelling Worksheet:

Focus on sight words, prefix in-, and academic vocabulary with your 5th grade students by completing week 26 of K12Reader’s free spelling program. The list of words for this week’s spelling activities includes: Germany, lavender, printed, wouldn’t, ahead, terrified, velvet, level, noisily, incredible, inaccurate, inefficient, ineffective, insecure, inadequate, indefinite, ineligible, inequality, taxes, and income. In order to better understand the spelling words and how to use them correctly, students will be asked to complete the attached 5 printable spelling worksheets: Write it Two Times, Dictation Sentences, Circle the Correct Spelling, Write a Sentence Part 1 and Write a Sentence Part 2. These worksheets focus on writing and reading skills for 5th grade students. Click here for the full 36 week master spelling list.