Fifth Grade Spelling Words List – Week 1

About this Spelling Worksheet:

In this week’s spelling words list, students will focus on sight words, suffix -ant, and academic vocabulary. The words found on Week 1 Spelling Words List for 5th gade include: comic, ostrich, Connecticut, insult, grumble, gallop, hurry, distinct, contestant, defendant, assistant, brilliant, compliant, extravagant, ignorant, consonant, applicant, migration, route, and trace. Students will learn the correct spelling of each word and learn how to properly use each word in a sentence. Some of the activities that students will complete in Week 1 of the 5th Grade Spelling Program include: Write it Two Times, Circle the Correct Spelling, Dictation Sentences, Write a Sentence: Part 1 and Write a Sentence: Part 2. Click here to view the full 36 week spelling words master list.