What Are Brackets?

Have you ever wondered what are brackets? Brackets sometimes appear in quotations or excerpts. Brackets enclose words or phrases added by someone who is not the original author or speaker. A writer will add these extra words or phrases to help clarify the meaning of the quotation or excerpt for the reader. Read below to view brackets examples and to learn more about how to use brackets correctly in writing. Seeing these examples may help you understand the answer to what are brackets.

Examples of Brackets:

What are Brackets?
Brackets Example : Police Chief Derek Rodgers said, “The improvements made to the neighborhood [increased police activity and neighborhood watches] have made the area much safer than it used to be.”
Bracket Examples
Brackets Example: “Increased deforestation disrupts the habitats of many animals [birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects] that make the forest their home,” park rangers claim.
Brackets Example: “Those who are affected the most by the tax increase [property owners] will see their taxes go up dramatically,” warns Ms. Matthys.

Why Are Brackets Important?

Brackets are important because it’s important to quote correctly from any sources you reference. Brackets are also important so that readers understand the meanings of any quotations or excerpts you include in your writing. Brackets can help you clarify information that may not be obvious to your readers while also making it clear that the additions are your own.

Hopefully this page has helped you answer the question of “what are brackets?”.