St. Patrick's Day Worksheets

According to the U.S. Census Bureau over 34 million Americans claim Irish heritage which is seven times the population of Ireland. In the U.S., St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 is a way to celebrate this heritage. The worksheets below on the holiday and the Emerald Isle are listed below. You are welcome to use these for free in your classroom or at home. Click on the title to review the worksheet or to download a printable PDF.

Color the St. Patrick’s Day Adjectives

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the classroom with this fun coloring page as you practice identifying adjectives. Color each of the shapes that have an adjective in them green, and fill the other shapes with any color you like. Once all of the shapes are filled in, the picture of a lucky leprechaun will appear!

Write About It: The Leprechaun’s Wishes

Your students just found an Irish leprechaun under their bed and get offered three wishes. Let’s find our what your students wish for!

St. Patrick’s Day Word Search

A fun St. Patrick’s Day word search for your elementary level students!

St. Patrick’s Day Words Activity

In this St. Patrick’s Day activity, students match words connected with Ireland to its meaning.

Irish Proverbs Worksheet Activity

This activity lists some Irish proverbs, and your students will explain what they think each one means.

Yeats and the Poetry of Ireland

Your students will read one of William Butler Yeat’s poems, “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”, and answer questions.