Native American Heritage

In 1990 the U.S. Congress passed a resolution naming November “Native American Heritage Month.” This was the culmination of many attempts to recognize the importance of the First Americans to the development of the U.S. Just as many Americans have Native American ancestry, the history of the “First Nations" is intertwined with the history of the continent.

Cherokee Language: Word Code Activity

Students learn about the Cherokee language by completing the code puzzle. This fun worksheet can be used during Native American Heritage month or any other time!

Native American Dwellings

It’s very interesting to learn about Native Americans. The dwellings they lived in were very different from what we live in today. Here is a free worksheet to print out that shows several different types of dwellings. Give one to your students to color and learn all about Native American dwellings!

Alphabetize It! Native American Dwellings

Teach your students about the many different Native American dwellings as you celebrate Native American Heritage Month in the classroom. With this printable worksheet, students will be asked to put each type of dwelling in alphabetical order. This activity is ideal for 2nd – 4th grade, but can be used where appropriate.

Native American Childhood – Comprehension Activity

Childhood was very different for Native Americans. Here is an story from one person that tells how he grew up and what he did. Print out this free worksheet and see what your students think about this Native American paradise.

Native American Heritage: Create Your Totem Pole

In the box on the worksheet, design your own totem pole. Make sure it represents you and your interests. Then in the writing space, describe your totem pole and explain how it illustrates you. This printable Native American Heritage Month activity is ideal for 3rd – 5th grade, but can be used where appropriate.

Native American Tribes Word Search

Cherokee, Choctaw, and Inuit. See if you can find these words, and more, hidden in this printable Native American Tribes Word Search activity! Students will have fun as they learn about different words relating to Native American culture.

Tribes of the Plains Word Scramble

Students will be asked to unscramble the clue words listed in one of the columns on this Native American Heritage word scramble. Next, they will unscramble the letters that appear in circled boxes to reveal the answer to the last phrase. This printable Native American Heritage Word Scramble worksheet is ideal for 3rd – 5th grade, but can be used where appropriate.

Native American Words Used in English

In this activity, students will be asked to read through a list of words related to Native American culture, and match them with the correct Native American version of the word and definition. For example, the word “bayou” would be matched with “bayuk meaning creek”. This worksheet is ideal for 4th – 6th grade, but can be used where appropriate.

Tribes of the Great Plains Comprehension Activity

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the tribes of the Great Plains, this worksheet is a great resource. Students will read an article about different tribes and then answer questions about the article.