The Five Senses Worksheets

Sensory words, such as sweet, loud, or bright, are important vocabulary words for young students. They need to understand the nuances of the words and also that the addition of these words to their writing adds interest and clarity. Our worksheets of words pertaining to the five senses are below. Use them for free at home or in your classroom. Each may be downloaded or viewed by clicking on the title.

The Five Senses Words Activity: Sight

A five senses worksheet about the sense of sight. Great for kindergarten and first grade.

The Five Senses Words Activity: Smell

A fun worksheet where your early elementary school students learn about the sense of smell.

The Five Senses Words Activity: Sound

Your early elementary school students will have fun learning about the five senses with this activity!

The Five Senses Words Activity: Touch

This worksheet gives your kindergarten and 1st grade students with a little extra practice learning about the sense of touch.