Earth Day Worksheets

Our most precious resource is the planet Earth. Every April 2nd, the world celebrates Earth Day as a reminder that we must reuse, recycle, and conserve in order to preserve this vital resource. The worksheets below celebrate this holiday, and you may use them at home or the classroom for free. To view the worksheet or download a PDF to print, click on the name of the worksheet.

Earth Day Acrostic Poem

A fun acrostic poem using the word, “earth”. An engaging activity for students in the early elementary grades.

Earth Day: Are These Things Good or Bad?

Students write “good” or “bad” next to pictures of items that impact the environment. A great activity for early elementary school ages.

Earth Day Word Ladders

Students love word ladders. They are fun activities that stiumulate thinking about words. This activity is focuses on Earth Day and is great for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students.

Earth Day Word Search

The words can go in any direction. Ideal for students in Elementary school grades.

Writing Prompt Earth Day: What’s Your Idea?

Students write about their ideas about saving water or electricity. A great activity for elementary school grades.