Drama Literature Worksheets

Drama is one of the main genres in literature along with prose and poetry. Unlike the others, drama is written to be performed; there are no long descriptive passages or insights into a character’s thoughts. In drama, everything must be conveyed through an actor’s actions and the dialogue. Reading a play may be difficult at first for some students, but practice can help her make the jump to understanding. The worksheets below, which you may view or download by clicking on the title, are free for to use at home or in the classroom.

Drama Vocabulary Match

In this drama vocabulary worksheet, students Match each word in Column A with its meaning in Column B.

Pygmalion: Henry and Eliza

George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion was the basis for the famous musical My Fair Lady. Students read an excerpt from the play. Students write two character traits for each character.

Romeo and Juliet: Sword Fight

Students read an excerpt from Romeo and Juliet and answer related questions.

Shakespeare: Understanding the Sonnet

William Shakespeare is known for his plays, but he also wrote over 150 sonnets. In this activity, students read one of his sonnets and write the rhyme scheme.

Sherlock Holmes: Prose to Drama

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created the character of Sherlock Holmes in the late 19th century. Students read an opening paragraph and rewrite it as a play.

Cyrano de Bergerac: Poetic Speech

Edmund Rostand wrote Cyrano de Bergerac in 1897. It is a play about a French musketeer who is a man of many gifts and talents. Students read from the play and answer related questions.