Quotation Mark Worksheets

Quotation marks are punctuation marks most often used to signal direct quotations: the actual words or text that someone said or wrote. However, they may also signal an unusual use of a word, such as an ironic reference or a slang expressions. Title of songs, short stories and other short works are also enclosed in quotation marks in text. The punctuation worksheets below are free for you to use at home or in class. To read about each one, click on the title.

Need a refresher? Helpful Question Marks Rules and Examples: How to Use Question Marks

Find It! Quotation Marks

Students will practice identifying correctly used quotation marks by completing this printable activity. The directions ask students to read through the given sentences and circle the number of the sentences in which quotation marks are used correctly. Ideal for 3rd – 6th grade students, but can be used where appropriate.

Punctuation Match: Symbols and Words

For your beginning grammarian, this game asks her to match the punctuation symbol with the word.

Punctuation: Match the Symbols

This fun match game helps young students recognize punctuation symbols.

Add the Quotation Marks

Your student is asked to add quotation marks to sentences in this worksheet.

Quotation Marks

Your student will correct the misplaced quotations marks in this punctuation worksheet.

Writing Practice: Quotation Marks

This writing practice asks your student to create sentences using quotation marks.