Ending Punctuation Worksheets

Each sentence is a complete thought. The punctuation at the end of the sentence tells the reader the sentence is over and tells the type of sentence it is. An exclamation point is at the end of an exclamatory sentence. A question mark ends a interrogative sentence that asks a question. A period marks the end of a declarative sentence, the most common of sentences. Each of the worksheets below is free for home or classroom use. Click on the title to read more or to download the printable PDF.

Ending Punctuation

This worksheet is the last in the series of ending punctuation.

Exclamation Points and Periods

In this worksheet your student will determine which sentences need a period and which need an exclamation point.

Match the Sentence and the Punctuation

This ending punctuation worksheets asks your student to match the sentence with the symbol.

Periods and Capitalization

Here’s a beginning punctuation worksheet for your little grammarian!

Question Marks and Periods

This is a beginning practice for using question marks and periods at the end of sentences.

Sentences and Periods

These scrambled words need to be made into a sentence with a period at the end.

Punctuation Match: Symbols and Words

For your beginning grammarian, this game asks her to match the punctuation symbol with the word.

Punctuation: Match the Symbols

This fun match game helps young students recognize punctuation symbols.

Which One? Correct Periods

Learn how to properly use ending punctuation with this printable worksheet. Students will be asked to circle the number of each sentence that incorrectly uses the period. This is great practice for 3rd – 8th grade students looking to improve their reading and writing skills.