Comma Worksheets

Besides the period, the comma may be the most used punctuation mark in English. It may also be the most misunderstood. While a comma often denotes a pause, it may also clarify the meaning of words, as in coordinating adjectives. The comma worksheets below are free for you to print and use at home or in the classroom. Click on the title to read the details about a worksheet or to download the PDF.

Punctuation Match: Symbols and Words

For your beginning grammarian, this game asks her to match the punctuation symbol with the word.

Comma with Yes and No

You’ll say “Yes!” to this punctuation worksheet on commas.

Commas and Coordinating Conjunctions

After this worksheet, your youngster will be a fan of “FAN BOYS,” the mnemonic for coordinating conjunctions!

Commas and Direct Address

Now let’s work on adding commas in a direct address!

Commas in a Series

In this worksheet your student will place commas in sentences with a series.

Correcting Comma Splices

Time to correct some comma errors!

Commas with Appositives

You’ll positively love this appositive punctuation worksheet!

Writing Practice: Using Commas

Now it’s time to work on commas used in a variety of ways.