Colon Worksheets

The colon is one of the most versatile of the punctuation marks. It can join clauses, introduce lists, separate minutes from hours, and denote a chapter and verse number. While it has many worthwhile uses, it also gets confused with its “little brother,” the semicolon. Below are our worksheets on this multi-talented punctuation mark. They are free to use at your home or in the classroom. Simply click on the title of the worksheet to read the details or to download the PDF.

Colons and Time

It’s time to write times with colons!

Punctuation Match: Symbols and Words

For your beginning grammarian, this game asks her to match the punctuation symbol with the word.

Punctuation: Match the Symbols

This fun match game helps young students recognize punctuation symbols.

Colons and Lists

Colons are colossal in this worksheet on punctuating lists!

Colons Used With Explanations

Here is some practice on using colons with explanations.

Colons: Introducing a Quotation

This worksheet features using colons as an introduction to a quotation.

Using the Colon

There are lots of reasons to use a colon!