Phrasal Verb Worksheets

A phrasal verb is a phrase with a verb and an adverb or a verb and a preposition, such as give up, look over, or put away. Often students confuse the adverb or preposition as part of another phrase or as a modifier. Our worksheets on phrasal verbs are below. You may view the detail of each one or download it for printing by clicking on the title. They are free for home or classroom use.

Add the Phrasal Verb

In this activity, students choose a phrasal verb from the word bank that best completes the sentence.

Identify the Phrasal Verbs

This activity includes a list of sentences that each includes a phrasal verb. Students read the sentence and circle the phrasal verb.

Phrasal Verbs and Prepositions

Students read each sentence and determine if the preposition is part of a phrasal verb or part of a prepositional phrase.

Phrasal Verbs: Add to It

In this activity, students select a word in the word bank to complete the phrasal verb.

Write with Phrasal Verbs

Students write sentences that include the phrasal verbs listed.