Singular Noun Worksheets

What is a singular noun? Singular nouns show that there is just one of something. They can be common or proper. Ex. The cat went to see Dr. Patel at the clinic.  In the sentence above, there is only one cat, doctor and clinic. Singular and plural nouns are one first grammar elements a student will typically learn. Outside of certain spelling exceptions, the concept can be grasped with practiced learning. Feel free to use the practice noun worksheets below in class or at home.

Singular and Plural Nouns

If the noun is singular, write the plural form. If the noun is plural, write the singular form.

Same Singular and Plural Nouns

Write one sentence using each noun as a singular noun, and one as plural.

Singular Possessive Nouns

Combine the two sentences. Write one sentence using a singular possessive noun.