Appositive Worksheets

An appositive is a word or phrase that gives another name for a noun or pronoun that appears in a sentence. You may see each of these free appositive worksheets by clicking on the title. You may review or download the PDFs by clicking on the worksheet title below. All printable worksheets are free to duplicate for home or classroom use.

Add an Appositive

It’s time to add some appositives to sentences!

Add an Appositive II

This worksheet has more on adding appositives to sentences.

Appositive Hunt

It’s time to go appositive hunting!

Appositives at Beginning or End

This worksheet features appositives in different places of a sentence.

Appositives Match

In this worksheet your student will match the appositive to a noun or noun phrase.

Combining Sentences with Appositives

This worksheets asks your student to combine sentences using appositives.

Combining Sentences with Appositives II

Here’s more practice on combining sentences with appositives.

Identify the Appositives

Can your student spot the appositives in this worksheet?

Punctuating Appositives

We’re positive you’ll like this appositive punctuation worksheet!

Sentence Diagramming: Appositives

Get in the routine of using appositives with this educational sentence diagramming worksheet.

What is an Appositive?

This is a great beginning worksheet for learning about appositives.