Verbals Worksheets

Verbals are verbs that are functioning as something other than an action word. It may function as a noun, adjective or other part of speech. This category includes gerunds, infinitives and participles. Verbals may be confusing to students, as these words look like a verb, but operate in a very different way. The worksheets below on verbals are free for home and classroom use. View their details or download them by clicking on the title.

Helpful Definitions and Examples

What is a Verbal?

Printable Verbals Worksheet Activities

Functions of a Gerund

This worksheet focuses on the ways a gerund may be used in a sentence.

Movie Time! Gerund or Infinitive?

This movie-themed worksheet asks your student to fill in the blank with either a gerund or infinitive.

Participles as Adjectives

Your deserving student will learn about participles as adjectives in this worksheet.

Verbals: Gerund vs. Infinitive

Your student will decide which verbal to use in a sentence: gerund or infinitive.

Writing with Gerunds

Time to write some sentences with gerunds!

Writing with Infinitives

Here’s a worksheet on writing sentences using infinitives.

Writing with Participles

Your student is asked to write sentences with participles in this worksheet.