Prepositional Phrase Worksheets

One of the most common types of phrases is the prepositional phrase. It consists of a preposition, such as “of” or “in,” the object of the preposition, and any modifiers for the object. The last three words of the previous sentence make a prepositional phrase: for the object. An understanding of this type of phrase helps students master sentence structure and write fluently. All of the worksheets below may be downloaded or viewed by clicking on the title. You may use them in the classroom or at home for free.

Helpful Definitions and Examples

What is a Prepositional Phrase?

Printable Prepositional Phrase Worksheet Activities

Make Prepositional Phrases

Here’s a fun game for your little student to practice his prepositions!

Prepositions: The Cat and the Chair

This playful kitty will help your youngster learn about prepositions!

Add a Prepositional Phrase

In this worksheet your student will add prepositional phrases to sentences.

Prepositional Phrases as Adjectives

Look for the adjectival prepositional phrases in this printable worksheet activity for 4th – 6th grade students! Download and print for use both at home and in the classroom.

Prepositions and Objects

Your student will identify the prepositions and its object in this worksheet.

Thanksgiving Song: Circle the Prepositional Phrases Worksheet

Read through the lyrics of a classic Thanksgiving song and circle all of the prepositional phrases! This activity is a great resource for practicing your prepositions while having fun.